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(2015) European Medical Research Institute (EMRI)

“Infoset has offered high technology expertise in our clinical research allowing our company to have great insight of our patient support programs and clinical trials with intelligent reports and real time data. Infoset’s contribution has clearly enhanced our business value and operations and look forward to continue our cooperation in wider fields.”

Maria Kyrana, Operations Manager
European Medical Research Institute (EMRI)

(2013) Novartis

Infoset cooperated with me in 2010 for the design and support of the electronic CRF (clinical report file) of epidemiological study GOLDEN for the medical department of NOVARTIS Hellas. This was the first and pilot local study for Novartis with the use of eCRF. Infoset provided the system for the study used by pulmonologists across all country to record patient data with total success achieving study goals (105% recruitment & on-time completion of study according to schedule) This fact proves that Infoset provided an effective eCRF system which used with safety. GOLDEN study on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Greece completed successfully and the results were published and presented in the 20th pulmonologists conference.

ELENI BANIA , Pneumologist
(Lead Respiratory Expert Region Europe Novartis)

(2015) European Medical Research Institute (EMRI) Case Study

Infoset has developed IPSOSYS(Intelligent Patient Support Operation SYStem) exclusively for EMRI, a specialized patient centric database, which enables the management and support in an efficient and complete way the demands of even the most complex Patient Support Programs (PSP). Indicative functions:

A. Patient management

- Clinical data management
- Reminders Scheduling
- Personalized alarms / reminders per patient category
- SMS notifications to patients
- Calls through IVR (speech synthesis)
- Message notifications via mobile application

B. Inventory management

- Supplies tracking with a 100% accountability and reconciliation
- LOT tracking
- Interface/ connectivity with accounting programs

C. PSP services management

- Email notification for staff and sponsor
- Real time reporting for staff and sponsor
- Automated daily/weekly/monthly reports via email
- Geospatial and interactive reports, integrated with IMS coding
- Patient progress monitoring by the treating physician

IPSOSYS is a great competitive advantage for EMRI as it :

- allows the effective handling of big amount of patient data
- assures compliance and quality
- provides endless possibilities for analytics and business intelligence for the clients
- Patients enjoy a more comprehensive and predictive support able to improve their medication adherence and general experience of the programs.

IPSOSYS was been designed according to EMRI’s vision on PSP services. It was successfully enabled 1 year ago with 2 pilot patient support programs, where all the above services were intensively monitored for functionality and completeness. Today, IPSOSYS has reached to become EMRI’s heart on all implemented Patient Support Programs.

EMRI has also initiated i-CDMS for the conduct of clinical trials. I-CDMS is one of the most complete and easiest to use EDC & Τrial management system built by Certified Clinical Data Managers and fits perfectly the company’s dedication for quality and provision of premium services in health sector.