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Data management plan

CRF design, annotations and validation


Data Management Committee & Study Support Center

Queries generation, DCF submittion

PhV handling & Safety Reports

CDISC, SDTM and ODM standards

Statistical Analysis


i-CDMS is an innovative cloud based system offering a complete set of features for streamlining trial monitoring and data entry with e-CRF, automated edit checks and queries resolution, patient and site reporting, real time notifications and reminders and others that are accessible by all trial participants according to their roles.

i-CDMS has been built with the latest technology tools and state of art user interface consisting a fully qualified EDC for supporting all types of trials. Today i-CDMS is the #1 choice of many sponsors due to its easiness of use, its quick adoption by the investigators and the wide advantages it offers in monitoring and controlling clinical trials.

i-CDMS has passed full system validation in accordance with international regulations and complies to 21 CRF part 11 and HIPAA requirements. i-CDMS is accessible via the internet without any other special requirement or installation needed at the site.

iCDMS the #1 eCRF for Clinical Trials